July 15, 2024

Apple Watch Series 8 is an update in which the company added one new sensor and a new fitness analysis metric. Last year, Series 7 surprised only externally, this same Series 8 combines a fresh design and new capabilities. Our friends at Big Geek provided the device for review. 

I’m a former Series 6 user. Missed the Series 7, only had it for a few days to review. Let’s see if the new watch surprises me. 

New sensors

The main innovation of the new generation of watches is the body temperature sensor. It consists of two components – one is closer to the skin and the other is inside to track the environment and air. Apple had high hopes for it – according to them, the sensor is able to determine the change in body temperature with an accuracy of 0.1 ° C and is checked every five seconds. The sensor reads this value while the wearer sleeps. 

Unfortunately (fortunately), I did not experience any health problems during testing, and I cannot fully determine the accuracy of the sensor. But this was the first thing I set out to learn – I put on the watch before going to bed, activated it, found the body temperature metric. I woke up in the morning and looked at the value – 36.6 degrees, everything is correct. 

At the same time, it is important to understand that the sensor works perfectly only when the watch fits perfectly on the wrist. I like the strap to be loose, for a sensor these are extreme conditions. Periodically, I look at this value and see abnormal values ​​- 35.4 or 36.0. But that’s not the sensor’s fault, but mine. 

And at the same time, I deliberately tighten the strap lightly. If my temperature rises in my sleep, I will feel it, and if there is discomfort, I will tighten the strap more and measure this indicator with high accuracy. Hopefully I won’t have to do that anytime soon. But I’m glad that now the thermometer is on my wrist, and I measure the temperature instantly as soon as I feel discomfort.

Another innovation is the road accident detection system. Two new sensors appeared in Series 8: a redesigned accelerometer and a gyroscope. They collect data several times faster and make it possible to quickly identify different types of road accidents – head-on, side impact or even a car rollover. 

When an accident is detected, the watch will automatically call the rescue service. Cars and pickups are supported, the system only works when you’re driving. A logical continuation of the fall detection system. With the new sensor, we will see more stories of how the watch saved lives, I’m sure. 

Other health analysis capabilities are the same as Apple Watch Series 7: blood oxygen measurement, EKG, heart rate, sleep, fall detection with gyroscope and accelerometer. The dynamics can be monitored every day in the “Health” application on the iPhone. The difference from the SE of the second generation is the presence of a sensor for temperature, oxygen in the blood and ECG. 


Innovation – low power consumption mode. It allows you to double the life time from a single charge by turning off the Always-on Display and other functions. Activated, went like this all day, by 12 midnight the battery had 42% charge, although usually by this time the energy is completely exhausted. 

This is the innovation I dreamed about when using the Series 6. The main complaint about the Apple Watch is that I have to remember to charge it before going to bed. If you don’t do this, you will have to charge them at night, then they will not analyze my sleep and work at 100% of their capabilities. 

And so I can turn off all secondary functions. In this case, I will receive messages, but there will be enough energy for the watch to work until the night, and I will charge it in the morning. 

And by the way, this is an innovation of watchOS 9, not this generation. If you have Series 4 or newer, you can also test. I parted with the Apple Watch for a year, so I noticed and appreciated the innovation that I missed so much.   


Apple Watch Series 8 received the same design and similar display as its predecessor. This means they have a slightly thinner bezel than the SE. This change does not bring functionality, from the point of view of design, the accessory looks more modern and expensive. 

Otherwise, the watch does not change from the first generation, changes occur only in the dimensions and thickness of the screen frame. At one time, it seemed to me that this is how Apple makes a smart watch boring, but later reconsidered the position – if this design and without changes make the company’s accessory the most recognizable device on the market, and at the same time it is convenient, then why change something that already works ? 

I came to the idea that for an objective assessment of the device I need to change the scenario. I tested the last three generations of the watch, a total of five devices, but my case applies only to units – my colleagues. If the user changes the accessory once every three or four years, he will definitely be pleased with the new sensors. 

The case of the watch is aluminum. There is also a steel version, but it is limited and sold in a limited number of countries, there is no exact list. The lower panel of the watch is also metal with a glossy finish. At a low temperature, the watch cools the hand pleasantly. In general, I am satisfied with the design. 


Apple is minorly updating the smart watch. It adds one important element in each generation – Series 6 has a blood oxygen sensor, Series 7 has an updated design, and Series 8 has a temperature sensor. 

If you switch from Series 7, then there are two innovations – a temperature sensor and accident detection. However, the smart watch does not change from year to year. But if you do it once every three years or more, they will surprise you. Even in my case, yes – I switched to them from the Series 6 and got a fresh design with a thinner frame, as well as a body temperature sensor and accident detection, for the sake of such innovations it already makes sense to upgrade. 

If you are choosing between 7 and 8, I strongly recommend choosing the latter. They will be supported longer in software, plus they have new sensors and capabilities. If choosing between the 8 and the SE, the former will get you a temperature, ECG, and blood oxygen sensor, as well as a more modern design. 

Overall a no-wow upgrade, but a decent one. I, jumping to the 8 after only one generation, was satisfied. 

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